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Kaizen Freight Solutions

Air or Sea- SummaryAir or Sea- Summary

While airfreight is more suitable for lighter shipments due to the limitations in the load that can be carried, ocean freight can accommodate heavier loads. Most airline companies have been

How to Determine If You Should Choose Air or SeaHow to Determine If You Should Choose Air or Sea

n the end, you have to make your decision along two dimensions: Speed and Reliability vs. Cost and Environmental Impact. If you absolutely need to know your packages will get

Do you do Air FreightDo you do Air Freight

Kaizen Freight Solution is linked to major airlines portal systems which enables us to create confirmed booking and track shipments so as to keep customers updated about the status of

Do you do Sea Freight?Do you do Sea Freight?

We handle large and small volumes of cargo suitable for 20ft or 40ft containers which makes it convenient for individuals and corporates. We offer road and sea freight transport from

Why Choose Kaizen Freight Solutions?Why Choose Kaizen Freight Solutions?

Through our loyal long serving clients, we have been able to attain a huge market share and using economies of scale we have been able to offer competitive freight rates

Where is Kaizen From?Where is Kaizen From?

Kaizen Freight Solution is a premium service provider for air and sea freight cargo consignment from the Middle East to Southern Africa .We are based in Harare Zimbabwe and we

We do our best to ensure that you receive your goods at the right time and at the right place- all in one piece. We guarantee the best service possible for all our clients.

Kaizen Freight Solution offers economic and superior logistic solutions to our customers through ensuring smooth flow service delivery and efficiency.