In life and business, there are always choices to make. When it comes to international shipping, there are many choices. Of all these choices, the most basic is the decision of what kind of transport to use: air freight or ocean freight. Whether you’re a business that will be shipping overseas all the time or an individual moving to a new country, deciding whether to go with ocean freight or air freight is an important choice.


We handle large and small volumes of cargo suitable for 20ft or 40ft containers which makes it convenient for individuals and corporates. We offer road and sea freight transport from Jebel Ali port to Beira, Durban and expected transit time is 21days from day of vessel dispatch.


Kaizen Freight Solution is linked to major airlines portal systems which enables us to create confirmed booking and track shipments so as to keep customers updated about the status of the goods. We have daily flights to Southern Africa which includes customs clearance and door to door delivery services.