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Air or Sea- Summary

While airfreight is more suitable for lighter shipments due to the limitations in the load that can be carried, ocean freight can accommodate heavier loads. Most airline companies have been focusing on developing their fleet for travellers, in order to accommodate the increasing demand. This, in turn, led to a reduction of the space used for cargo. However, in order to optimize the cargo space of the airplane, the airline’s companies have been keen to limit the quantity of luggage that a passenger can take.

Also, airfreight is generally used for high valued goods thanks to the increased safety of the transportation. About 35% of the value of global freight is shipped by air, but this accounts for barely 1% of the total shipments.

Intermodal containers have eased the way freight is moved around the globe. They are widely used in the transportation of goods because it makes the handling of freight easier and helps to optimize the space available on ships, planes, trucks, and trains. Thus, they are designed to be suitable for different means of transportation.

Most of the time, ocean freight is only one component in the transportation of the shipments. This means that from the starting point to the delivery, many means of transportation are used. It is expected that airfreight will be used more in combination with other types of transport, in an attempt to balance the final costs.

When you want to choose between ocean freight and air freight, airfreight is the fastest mode of transportation. It’s what makes it the perfect solution for shipments of a high value, sensitive shipments, and products with shorter shelf lives. Also, it is mainly used when businesses need to send a sample of products to prospective customers.

On the other hand, the ocean freight has the capability to ensure the transportation of temperature controlled goods. However, there are costs related to preserving food on ships over several weeks.

Depending on the destination, the airfreight transit times can be significantly lower than the delivery time via ocean freight. This is also possible thanks to the airport procedures which are generally faster than the ones in ports.

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